Hindu pre-wedding events on the Sorrento coast

An Indian wedding is never just the wedding itself but it’s made up of many different pre-wedding events. Some of them are held back home, some in Italy in the days that precede the actual nuptials. Every couple decides differently how many pre-wedding events they want to host in Italy. And Monica and Aniruddh wanted to take advantage of the multiple spaces of their wedding venue on the coast, which were all gorgeous. Therefore, they decided to dedicate the full first day of their celebrations to their Hindu pre-wedding events.

The greenhouse with its panoramic terrace overlooking Capri was chosen for Pithi and Mandvo. This space is adorned with beautiful Vietri ceramics, typical of the area,

in the same colors that characterize the Indian pre-wedding events: yellow, orange, red, green… which gave a nice bright touch. We added our Indian decorations such as marigold garlands and colorful cushions to best combine the local tradition with the Indian one. Our trusted Gujarati Pandit flew from the UK to perform all the rituals for the bride. After the Mandvo it was time for the bride and groom’s Haldi set up on the stunning terrace with the sea view. The guests were so amazed by the views, that everyone was taking pictures non stop. And of course everyone was having fun by coloring the couple with the turmeric paste. The bride and groom wore yellow outfits that were perfect for this occasion.

Sangeet night with the coastal views and bright colors

In the evening there were Sangeet and Mehndi organized in the large lawn near the outbuilding of the Villa. The guests and the bride and groom prepared wonderful choreographies. We set up a fuchsia platform with a beautiful backdrop full of colored tassels that moved with the wind, creating dynamism and giving a glamorous touch to this traditional event. After the beautiful performances everyone had fun with the party together with the bride and groom. For the occasion we organized some henna corners for the guests, with very skilled Italian mehndi artists. As it’s common in Indian wedding celebrations, there are often small gifts offered to the guests. And for that event all the ladies were given colorful bracelets with rings that matched perfectly with colorful Indian outfits.

For dinner, the Villa’s caterer prepared various Italian delicacies such as pizza, eggplant Parmigiana, pasta… And of course we needed to add some Indian dish prepared by our team chef: the famous Pav Bhaji, which everyone greatly appreciated. Fun, great food, amazing music, stunning performances, gorgeous views – Monica and Anirudd’s guests had them all for these traditional Hindu pre-wedding events we organized in Sorrento. The wonderful sunset over the sea gave an even more magical touch to this evening, which ended in the best possible way with the happiness of the couple and all the guests.