Luxury Indian wedding on the lake in Italy

Kammy and Jas are a glamourous Sikh couple from the UK, who decided to split their wedding celebrations in two part: they had the first one in the UK, and the second one in Italy. As a matter of fact, they went for a traditional Sikh wedding at home that they had in the Gurdwara. Even if with our help they could have had their Anand Karaj in Italy as well, they chose to follow the tradition of the wedding in the beautiful Gurdwara. On the other hand, they entrusted us at Best Indian Weddings Italy with the more magnificent and chic part of their wedding, to live as a true experience. You may ask why they decided to choose the specialist of Indian weddings if they didn’t have to celebrate the traditional Indian wedding. The answer is simple: they absolutely wanted to make sure that every little detail of the reception had an Indian touch, since most the guests were, of course, Indian. And they knew that they could play it safe with us.

The couple was in love with Italian lakes and they wanted to pick a wedding venue overlooking a lake, panoramic and of great impact, which could host almost 180 Indian guests and guarantee a plan B in case of bad weather without resorting to the rent of an expensive marquis. We proposed some beautiful villas on the northern lakes, as well as in the center of Italy, that the couple truly appreciated. Among all the venues, their heart was stolen by a magnificent castle located not far from Rome. The proximity to one of the biggest European international airports made the logistic part easy. It even allowed the couple to come to Rome before to take an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot, and also allowed the guests to combine their holidays in the eternal city to the wedding.

Impressive celebrities’ Castle

The wedding unfolded in two days: the typical Italian welcome party with pizza made on the spot was simple but engaging. The day after was the complete opposite: opulent and luxurious. After all, the wedding venue they chose is famous for celebrities’ weddings, and the couple wanted to impress and wow their guests.

The ceremony was set up on the big loan overlooking the lake. Powder pink, gold and white were the wedding’s color palette, and thanks to our florist’s mastery we created the setting that the bride dreamed about. An angular arch embellished with fabrics and flowers was the frame of a unique and unrivalled landscape. The bride came down floating in her mermaid dress, towards the excited groom who was waiting for her. It was a symbolic ceremony, celebrated by a professional celebrant, and it was beautiful. After the ceremony, everyone moved to the secret garden, also overlooking the lake, where a rich buffet was prepared. The couple chose to have a full Indian meal for the reception. And thanks to our connections, we made that happen! In fact, we hired a renowned catering that works with the local Indian chefs. The Punjabi food was of a high level, so was the fully stocked bar supplied by a specialized bar service of the capital.

All the guests were accommodated along four long imperial tables, decorated with golden candelabras and beautiful flower garlands. The couple decided to give mini sized bottles of Italian oil and balsamic vinegar, as Italian souvenir to their guests. Every small detail was taken into consideration: from the personalized petals cones for the ceremony, to the en-suite menu and wedding gifts labels. Our great Dohl player entertained the guests with his captivating music, together with a famous Indian DJ from Canada. After the dinner reception, the party moved to the castle’s courtyard, completely decorated with architectural lights, where we set up the desserts buffet. At the stroke of midnight, the bride prepared a surprise for the groom’s birthday: not only the birthday cake, but also cold fountains and led balloons. Everything was perfect and we are very proud of the final result.