Fairy tale symbolic wedding in an Italian castle overlooking the sea

Simran&Aaron’s white-dress ceremony was beyond imagination. A wedding straight out of a fairy tale. A beautiful Indian princess who married her brave prince in a sumptuous Italian castle, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. Their 250 guests came from various parts of the world to applaud this regal couple, who gave them a unique experience that so many of them had never seen before. A dream wedding.

Let’s take a step back to how it all began. Simran and Aaron had several days of celebrations in Italy and for each event they wanted a different venue and unique in its genre.

They wanted to combine different atmospheres, different settings for different ceremonies.For their symbolic wedding ceremony Simran wanted a historic castle whose atmosphere would take you back in time and where you could admire the grandeur and majesty of an ancient. At the same time she wanted a luxurious venue, as well as surprising the guests with a typical Italian setting that cannot be found elsewhere. Since all their events had to happen quite close to each other, the venues also had to be in close proximity. It was not easy to find the right castle for this couple. During our venues scouting we did several searches to combine the venues for all the events together.

Extraordinary castle in Italy where we turned their dreams into reality

The first time we heard about this castle, it didn’t even have a website yet, you could only find some history information on some websites. Though, thanks to the connections that we have here in Italy we were able to find the current owner of the castle who had taken over it and decided to bring it back to its former glory. I still remember the first trip I made to see the castle, it was still a building site. Without floors, without finished interiors, with the walls and frescoes covered by scaffolding. But my sixth sense told me that I could go ahead and propose this castle to the couple. And they didn’t doubt my intuition and trusted me even though at that first moment I didn’t even have any photos to show them but only the rendering.

And I was not wrong. The castle has been renovated in an incredible way, an extraordinary beauty. Huge panoramic spaces, with the sea that can be seen in the distance on

one side, a lake on the slopes of the hill, vineyards all around and a village that seems out of fairy tales right at the bottom of the castle. As well as several spaces large enough to hold a wedding with 250 guests. That allowed us to divide the day’s events in a dynamic way to give attendees the opportunity to enjoy them all.

From the entrance of the castle, guests were welcomed into the moat where we organized a welcome cocktail with various buffet stations with local appetizers. The bride and groom chose an all-Italian menu for almost all of their events. This symbolic wedding at the castle was the first event of their celebrations, so they wanted to give their guests a warm Italian welcome. An amazing Italian band was playing and singing tunes agreed with the couple in advance. The waiters were passing around with fresh drinks and the guests – all dressed up – were admiring the beauty of this place.

Unique setup for this symbolic wedding in Italy

After this welcome buffet everyone was invited to take their seats at the ceremony, which was simply wow. Our floral designer outdid himself by creating a magical set up. I dedicated a blog post to this ceremony that you can read here. He recreated a fairy tale setting by covering part of the terrace with a lawn (which wasn’t there) and decorating it with wonderful flowers that fully conveyed the volcanic character of the bride. Everyone was blown away when they saw this setup. A 28-meters mirror aisle with flowers on two sides ran from the entrance bridge to the altar where Aaron was waiting for his princess. Simran got ready in the luxurious rooms of the castle and was then accompanied by her father.

The ceremony was conducted by a celebrant with the sand rite chosen by the spouses, who poured together the colored sands which, once mixed together, can no longer be separated, as well as their lives. The singer of the band sang live very emotional songs to accompany the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, a fiery red sunset appeared, and this was precisely the point of celebrating their union in the afternoon, with a perfect frame created by nature. Guests didn’t want to leave the terrace, and stayed there to take pictures at sunset while the bride and groom had their private photoshoot.

After the symbolic wedding ceremony on the castle terrace, the guests went downstairs again and were greeted with a toast to celebrate the newlyweds. They were then invited to the dinner area in another panoramic open space of the castle, very large and linear where our floral designer created a roof of lights for an even more magical atmosphere.

The modern furnishings, as well as the floral arrangement, blended perfectly with the historic environment of the castle. To give a vintage touch to the dinner setting, we created menu cards with a wax seal with the initials of the bride and groom. These stamps were also used for the seating plan created on a huge antique gold mirror to which the tables cards were attached.

Italian food was amazing, both in taste and presentation. The wonderful band enlivened the evening with their songs and the guests even danced between courses. The dinner took place in a truly fairy-tale atmosphere. And then there was the after party, which – thanks to the numerous spaces of this castle – was held in another area still near the swimming pool, which was decorated with colored uplights. A famous Indian DJ from UK was already ready to entertain the guests. The entrance of the bride and groom was accompanied by sparklers handed over each guest who created a tunnel for them, and then everyone went wild in the dancefloor. The evening went on with fireworks, desserts buffet, drinks and even a birthday cake for the 18th birthday of the bride’s brother. Everything was simply wow.

So far we and all the other suppliers remember it as the most unique event organized yet and the wonderful feedback from the couple, their parents and their guests will always be engraved in our hearts. Because working on this event and all the other events of this magnificent couple has been an honor, a pleasure and also a great satisfaction for the fantastic result that the Best Indian Weddings Italy team has achieved.