Traditional Sikh pre-wedding events in Tuscan Villa

Renu and Gurpreet, a Sikh couple from the UK, had a 3-day wedding celebration in Tuscany that they wanted to share only with the closest family and friends. They wanted to follow the Sikh tradition to host their pre-wedding events separately. Therefore, they asked us to find them not only a wedding venue for the main day, but also a separate Tuscan Villa per side for their Sikh pre-wedding events and accommodation of the bride and groom with their families.

We rented two separate villas for them, located in the picturesque setting of the Tuscan countryside. One of the villas was just walking distance from the wedding venue, and the other one nearby. Thanks to our traditional Indian decor we were able to transform the two Tuscan villas into perfect settings for Indian events.

Both couples had their Mehndi and Sangeet party at their villas that were decorated with Indian umbrellas, marigold garlands and colorful cushions. For the bridal Mehndi we used a different decor, as the bride wanted it to be white and pink themed. She had her henna done by our skilled Mehndi Artist who did a great job while two other artists were decorating the guests’ hands.

There was also the Joint Mayian with the groom and his family joining the bride’s family at their villa. An Indian buffet dinner was provided by a local Indian restaurant, to please all Indian guests. For other meals instead they went with typical Italian food such as pizza, pasta and they also had a BBQ party. Fortunately, the venue had two big gazebos hidden in the garden where we held the day time events to avoid the heat, while in the evening the weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed dancing in the main square of the villa.