Welcome party at your Indian wedding in Italy

How to kick the celebrations off on the right foot

The welcome party is the first event that is usually organized for Indian wedding celebrations in Italy. It is usually considered as a minor event compared to the others and for that reason it is often underestimated and not given the right importance. Yet it is an event that must be treated on a par with others because it is precisely the welcome party that sets the mood for the entire celebrations, and it is a “welcome to Italy” experience that you offer to your guests. So, let’s see together how to make it beautiful, welcoming and immediately immerse your guests in the festive atmosphere of your celebrations.

Often for the welcome party, being the first approach to your wedding in Italy, we recommend having a typical Italian informal dinner. In fact, in 90% of cases the Pizza Party is chosen. On the one hand is a food function that costs relatively less compared to other events, and on the other hand it is that Italian food that everyone knows and everyone loves and that reflects Italy to its core, so what better idea than having a Pizza party! (Check this other post about the perfect pizza party). In any case, serving pizza is not enough to make it a real event. For this reason, there are various tricks to take into consideration otherwise it would be like going to a Pizzeria. There are small tidbits that can be added without too much investment, and which will still add that extra touch to your event.

Idea 1: Limoncello or Spritz corner

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In fact, it is not only the food that makes an event “Italian”, but also the drinks which are always important at Indian weddings. And since you are welcoming to Italy all your guests who have come from far away, why not creating an Italian drink themed station? For some weddings we have created a limoncello corner with shots on a wooden barrel, or on a station set up for the occasion. Same thing with Aperol Spritz corner, a drink famous all over the world and perfect to start the evening. The best idea would be to set up a real stall with themed decorations such as lemons, oranges, aromatic herbs, all in color palette. And the signs cannot be missing, sometimes playful and sometimes with particular designs.

Idea 2: Live music

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The welcome party is an informal event where the idea is to create the right atmosphere for people to get to know each other. Considering that some of them have certainly never met before, the right background music helps to make everything more relaxed. And what better idea than having live music. For example, a band would be perfect for this occasion: jazz, swing, bossa nova, or even better Italian music with local bands playing typical local music or famous Italian songs that are very popular… Imagine your guests with a glass of Spritz or Prosecco in their hand chatting with the music of a good Italian band in the background.

Sometimes instead of having a full band you can opt for a string duo or trio playing modern pieces, in which Indian songs can also be incorporated. It could even be an electric violin or a sax player – depending on your preferences, there is a wide choice of musicians. On the other hand, Italy is famous for music, so this is definitely an idea to take into consideration.

Idea 3: Welcome video or photo display

photo corner indian wedding italy 1024x683 - Welcome party at your Indian wedding in Italy

Another nice idea that some of our couples chose for their welcome party was the photo corner. We prepared a display of photos of their story, from the trips taken together to the marriage proposal, with all their most important moments. Since your wedding in Italy will be attended by the people closest to you who have known you the longest and who care about you, sharing these moments with them is a way to make them even more involved in your big day. Another thing to add to this photo display is the Polariod corner, which is so trendy lately. You can have it during every event so that guests can take various photos and leave you with a further memory of your celebrations.

For some weddings, instead of the photo display, we had video displays with videos edited for the occasion – sometimes by the couples directly and other times by family members to surprise the couple. Here too the idea is to combine the most important moments of the couple into a mini film, to show them during the evening or be projected during a speech for example. For a wedding we had a giant moon placed in the middle of the pool on which a surprise video was projected for the guests, who were left speechless since they had never seen something like it before. So, depending on the possibilities and priorities, each couple can choose the variant they prefer.

Idea 4: Outdoor movie night

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Yes, that’s right, a real “outdoor cinema” in a Villa’s garden with scattered cushions on the ground, an outdoor movie screen, a popcorn and candy station and a gelato cart. You could even set up a red carpet at the entrance and a photo corner for your guests in the style of a movie premiere. You can choose your favorite movie or even a Bollywood movie! For such an activity at a wedding we had a large garden at our disposal that we set up with electrical candles and lights to create a festive atmosphere. And in case of bad weather, you can always move the movie night indoors, in a saloon of your rented venue.

These are just some of the many ideas that can level up your welcome party in Italy, but the possibilities are endless! It also depends on the budget you want to allocate to your first event, on the number of your guests and on the space that you have available at the chosen venue.

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