Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy

Every wedding celebration deserves to be worthy of being remembered, especially if you choose Italy for your destination wedding, a country famous not only for its beauties but also for its delicious food. And there are so many ways to make you and your guests live a true Italian experience, and one of them is definitely through the food! Today I want to dedicate this inspiration post to Italian desserts, many of them are known and loved worldwide. No food function could ever be considered complete without desserts served at the end of the meal. And here are some ideas on how to spoil yourselves and your guests with regional and national tasty desserts. You’d definitely have to sweeten your Indian wedding in Italy with these yummy sweets, for the joy of young and elders, everyone will appreciate!

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

First of all, how not to mention Gelato, the Italian ice cream? For a refreshing dessert after the pre-wedding events, especially on a hot summer day under the Italian sun, gelato surely is the best choice. And since it’s very popular, some ice cream producers have even purchased a lovely gelato truck that can travel to your wedding venue. Just imagine your guests enjoying their meal or drink and then hearing the sound of a horn. What is that? And then they see this fun and colorful truck entering the venue, with a lovely gelato lady ready to serve cups and cones full of the super yummy Italian ice cream. OMG isn’t this the most delicious idea you could ever imagine? And that’s not all! You can choose your favorite flavors to be prepared just for you and your guests, and you can ask for the vegan versions too to be prepared without milk! Surely you and your guests will enjoy tasting the authentic homemade Italian gelato!

gelato ice cream dessert for indian wedding in italy - Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy

The Millefoglie wedding cake

If you got married back home, then you would likely have a multi-layered, heavily decorated fake cake. But in Italy people love eating wedding cakes, and patisserie chefs make not also beautiful but especially tasty cakes for Italian weddings. And the most popular wedding cake is the Millefoglie cake (which literary means ‘a thousand leaves cake’). It’s a kind of Napoleon cake made of many layers of puff pastry, alternated with very light Chantilly cream and topped with icing or powdered sugar and fresh fruit. You could choose it in the shape you want, such as round, rectangular or a heart-shaped, and you could also choose to fill it with also berries or pieces of chocolate together with the Chantilly cream. But the must-have is to assemble and decorate it in the moment! Some catering companies offer the possibility to have a pastry chef on site who will prepare the cake in front of you and your guests, as a part of a true Italian experience. And even more – you can decorate it by yourself, just to add some more fun and have an interactive element at your wedding reception in Italy!

millefoglie wedding cake italy - Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy

The buffet of Italian desserts

Then there’s a long list of Italian desserts to be served after a pre-wedding event or at your wedding reception, at the desserts buffet. It’s usually made up of smaller portions of patisserie or finger food and served on the buffet stations. This way the guests can choose whatever they prefer. It’s also possible to order a plated dessert to be served to each guest at the end of the dinner, a regular portion or two to three mini sizes of different desserts on the same plate, so that the guests can taste more than one. The desserts change from an area of Italy to another, to highlight the regional specialties. Depending on where in Italy you are getting married, you can taste specific desserts typical of that area. Here are a few of the most requested ones:

cannolo italian dessert for indian weddings italy - Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy
  • Cannolo, the quintessential Sicilian dessert, consists of a fried pastry shell with a sweet ricotta filling and chopped pistachios or candied fruits to decorate it. It’s usually made in the moment, to keep the shell crunchy… You could also request to have a tower of Cannoli, just think of how impressive would that be!
  • Torta Caprese (from Capri Island), a delicious flourless cake made with almond flour and chocolate, which is a great option if you have guests with a gluten allergy, but also because it’s delicious!
  • The famous Neapolitan “babà” which is similar to Gulab Jamun but is soaked with rum instead of rose water.
  • Tiramisù, which comes from Veneto in Northern Italy but is considered one of the most famous Italian desserts. It’s perfect if you like coffee’s flavor, and it can also be made without eggs for a vegetarian option. And if you don’t like coffee, it can be made in many different flavors, such as pistachio, strawberry, lemon, and so on!
  • Pannacotta, light and delicious cream-based dessert, that is usually decorated with berries or chocolate syrup.
  • Semifreddo (which literally translates to “semi-cold”), a cold dessert which is prepared by folding Italian meringue with whipped cream and comes in a lot of flavors with different toppings as well.
typical italian desserts for weddings - Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy

As you can see, you are just spoilt for choice on dessert options. Choosing Italy for your destination wedding means having the opportunity to live the true culture of this country’s regions through delicious and delightful desserts renowned across the world. And it also means creating a unique experience for you and your guests by delighting your palate with these yummies! Doesn’t it make your mouth water? Say “I do” to these fantastic Italian desserts to sweeten your destination wedding!

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