The power of wedding entertainment

How to add that extra touch to your reception in Italy

An Indian wedding is pure fun, full of engaging dances coordinated by the professional DJ – people are always dancing and having fun. And if you want to make your party more special and take it to another level, then extra entertainment is the right idea. Obviously this requires an extra budget, but sometimes you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to achieve that extra touch.

Let’s start with the most common type of wedding entertainment

A very valid option that is often chosen by couples especially for the cocktail hour is live music. It can either be a single musician – such as a sax player or electric violin – as well as an entire band that would definitely engage the guests more. Music is always a winning card because it is always effective in all its forms. Sometimes you can also ask the musicians to prepare some Bollywood music pieces for greater engagement of the guests.

Something a bit more classy…

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Another option, of a higher level, are the performers. Not in the sense of musicians or singers, but actors and dancers who can intervene at various times during the reception with different entertainment pieces designed for each occasion. A very elegant option is to have welcoming entertainment upon the guests’ arrival with themed performers. They could create real living paintings, in a fixed position or in a dynamic way among the guests, who will be immediately noticed with their flashy clothes. For example, for a reception we organized on the Amalfi Coast with a Vietri ceramics and lemons theme, the performers wore themed clothes and welcomed the guests upon their arrival and then headed to the dancefloor and performed to the notes of Italian music.

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Other ideas can see performers in large tray skirts handing glasses of champagne to welcome guests in an unusual way. And then during the after party the performers can dance together with the guests on the dancefloor, with sparkling dresses like mirror dancers who won’t go unnoticed. For a glamorous touch, even the lady lamps have a nice effect and will be greatly appreciated by guests for their unusual presence, but sometimes also for the light they give.

In some places where there are large swimming pools, one can think of another unusual and rarely seen thing, which is a piano floating on the water, positioned on a platform that moves and plays, and sometimes even the bride and groom make their entrance on this platform accompanied by the sweet notes of the piano.

What about more extreme wedding entertainment?

Another idea that can be implemented is a display of acrobats with amazing aerial performances to leave guests speechless. Depending on the space used for the reception, of course. However, it must be taken into account that suitable structures are needed to hold the artists suspended in the air. These structures cannot be dismantled immediately after the exhibition, therefore this logistical aspect must also be evaluated.

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For the after dinner you can think of a fire show. When it gets dark the show of fire and music is really impressive and will leave your guests amazed.

But it’s not all about performers, even objects can have a wow-effect

For entertainment during the wedding reception you can also think of fixed installations. For example, one of the latest products seen at weddings in Italy this year: the moon! It is quite big and you can also decide to project mini videos in it, during exciting moments such as the cake cutting or the groom’s speech.

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As you can see, there are several solutions to add a magical touch to your reception in Italy, which will also raise its level and make it remain in the memories of your guests for a long time. Nowadays people have seen so many weddings, and it is not easy to surprise your guests. But sometimes a well-chosen entertainment, which suits the theme of the wedding, enhances it and makes it unique and different.

We like to give you these inspirational ideas. And if you want to have more, follow us on our social pages to always have new ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy.