Hindu pre-wedding events in a Majestic villa in Tuscany

The pre-wedding events of Nikita&Kamal, our beautiful Hindu couple from London, were held in the different spaces of the majestic Villa in Tuscany chosen for the wedding celebrations. Fortunately, thanks to our help, the couple decided for this amazing Tuscan Villa near Florence among the choices we proposed. This wedding venue extends on a huge property with several spaces suitable for all the events taking place during the three days. And the couple was lucky enough to use a different space for each event!

The morning started with the Ganesh puja – the prayer – which was held by the pool. It started really early in the morning – at 7am! – because the whole day was full of events. Luckily, the fresh breeze coming from the pool helped waking up the guests, especially the spouses. The pooja took place at the same time for both bride and groom, with the two families sitting on the sides of the Pandit. After the prayers, it was time for the Pithi. Even though the guests didn’t overdo with the turmeric, the tradition was followed, and the bride and groom’s faces were yellow and glowing.

The perfect atmosphere for Mehndi and Sangeet

In the meantime, we decorated the space for Mehndi and Sangeet. The villa has a beautiful gazebo covered in greenery, which we decorated with colored paper lanterns, glass garlands and other Indian decors. On one side we put colorful cushions for the guests to sit on. And on the other side we set up a henna station under another gazebo, where we hung fuchsia pompoms and put beautiful Indian carpets and cushions on the floor. There was also a Photo Booth corner, where we put some funny staff and colored Indian umbrellas that created the perfect atmosphere. The guests had a lot of fun during the photoshoot taken by our team photographer. Our two henna artists were also there, ready to decorate the hands of the guests, while the DJ put some cheerful music.

Finally, the bride and groom made their triumphant entrance and sat on the seat of honor we prepared for them. The bride was gorgeous with her beautiful fuchsia lehenga and sparking jewels, while the groom wore a matching sherwani. The guests prepared some choreographies for the occasion and gifted the spouses and other guests with captivating dances. And by the end, nobody could stand still, everyone got up and danced and had a lot of fun. A small buffet of Indian snacks was set up nearby, for a delicious break. Indian food is a must for an Indian wedding, and we are always ready to help our couples have it!