Joyful Pithi ceremony in Tuscany

Pithi ceremony is one of the happiest and most joyful moments among the prewedding events of a Hindu wedding. Family and friends put a tumeric paste on the bride and groom to make their skin look bright like the sun, and to preopare the couple for the Mandap ceremony. And what better setting for this traditional event to take place than in a beautiful Italian garden of an important villa in Tuscany? Certainly, the garden has been fully decorated for the occasion. One of the benefits of working with a specialist of Indian weddings in Italy is that, unlike other agencies or florists, we have our own Indian decor to decorate Indian pre-wedding events in Italy. In fact, we adorned the garden with copious vibrant orange and yellow marigold garlands and Indian umbrellas hanging from the trees. All that created a delightful surrounding dance of colors. To complete the stream of colors in all directions, individual orange, blue and green fans were handed out to attending guests. Honestly, the fans were really appreciated for their primary function – to bring some fresh air to the guests, it being a hot midsummer July morning.

Before Pithi ceremony can commence, obviously the Ganesh Pooja and Mandvo ceremonies for the couple take place. Of course the Mandap had already been prepared since the previous to the wedding day, just as it is dictated in Indian tradition. The bride was wearing a sari, perfect for this occasion: white and yellow, it was gorgeous. To finish her look, Minal wore the big rounded earrings set, made of white little roses, and the matching Maang Tikka. And with her fashion sunglasses she was really a rocking bride! It was very exciting and fun at the same time, as the photos of this Pithi ceremony in Tuscany show.