Reshal and Manish’s Mehndi and Sangeet in Paestum

Reshal and Manish fell in love with this shabby chic resort during a visit to choose their wedding venue in Italy. They wanted ample outdoor space and beautiful greenery for all of the functions, including the pre-wedding events. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the wedding was held at the end of May – when the weather is typically ideal in Italy – it rained on their wedding day. Therefore, we were forced to move all the functions inside to our designated “plan B” space, including the Mehndi and Sangeet.

At first, the bride was understandably upset by the misfortune and wasn’t sure if the white indoor room which was selected as a plan B for the Sangeet would work for this bright and colorful function. However, in the end she was thrilled when she saw how the room was decorated. She said in fact that it was made to look exactly like the setting should be for a Sangeet!

A massive thank you goes to the venue’s staff which helped us with the setup. They transported inside large plants and trees to re-create the garden atmosphere which the couple would have had if the weather had held. Colorful paper balls, Indian umbrellas, and bright drapes and cushions added that colorful touch to the otherwise white setting, completely changing the atmosphere. The contrasting colors against the white backdrop created an elegant atmosphere. Also the fairy lights together with fuchsia lights and lanterns were perfect for the evening dancing.

Colors, music and joy were in the air, and everyone enjoyed the party, including the henna corner. All was such a success that the bride and groom even insisted on dancing with the wedding planner to celebrate! This is the perfect example of why it is so important to have a wedding planner experienced in planning Indian weddings in Italy: no detail will go overlooked, not even what to do in the event of rain