Pre-wedding Hindu functions in Tuscany, Italy

Every Indian wedding consists of several pre-wedding functions, and our Dimple&Minesh entirely followed the tradition for their Hindu wedding in Italy. The 4-days celebrations started with the Mehndi, with our henna artists who beautifully decorated the ladies’ hands. For this occasion, we used a beautiful room of the venue with the adjacent terrace, so that the guests could choose whether to stay inside or out. The room was decorated with our Indian umbrellas and colorful pillows, as for the terrace we used red garlands and cloths with bright colors.

The day after was dedicated to the prayers – Ganesh Pooja – for both families, which were held on another terrace of the hotel, which boasted an amazing panoramic view on the Tuscan hills. For this sacred prayers we used our marigold garlands to decorate the entire terrace, and we also hung other colorful garlands on the big umbrellas. Our own Indian decor was what made the atmosphere feel just right.

Our authentical Indian decor

As a matter of fact, one of the problems that an Indian couple may encounter when coming to Italy or Europe to get married, is the difficulty of finding authentical Indian decor. These pre-wedding events require, as per tradition, to be colorful and decorated with marigold garlands and other kind of specific decorations. Sometimes it may happen that Indian brides decide to bring their own decor from home, or they order it online. And we know how important it is to have the proper decor in an Indian wedding, therefore we are equipped with our special decor, some of it brought directly from India, and some handmade. In fact, even for Dimple&Minesh’s pre-wedding events we used our own decor, recreating the authentic atmosphere of a traditional Indian wedding.

After Pooja it was time for the Haldi, which was very fun as usual, with the couple covered in turmeric making them glowing and joyful. Then, there was the Garba – a traditional Gujarati dance – with the blessing of the bridal lehenga. And at the end, an Indian vegetarian buffet lunch was served, prepared by our Indian chef. Everything was exactly as Indian tradition dictates, and the words of the couple’s Pandit are a proof of it.

I’m from Leicester. I’ve done the whole ceremony over two days. And I’m feeling very very happy that you organized very well, wonderfully organized on pre-wedding as well, on wedding as well. Also, this is my fourth ceremony in Italy but this is the fantastic, fantastic ceremony. We enjoyed it. We didn’t feel as we were in Italy but we’re feeling as we were at our home. So, food is very nice, all, the ceremony well organized, very well. Nice and smoothly, nobody is stressed, because you are a wonderful organizer, the specialist. We enjoyed the food as well. Today is very nice food, it’s fantastic. I was listening that everybody says: oh it’s like we were at home. So food is very nice as well. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO REVIEW!