One of the mistakes that Indian couples make while planning their wedding in Italy

Find out how the right lighting can save your wedding reception’s effect

Sometimes it may happen that couples don’t give the right importance to the lighting; they may think about fireworks at most, or maybe about disco lights when it comes to the dancing at the reception, and that’s it. Sure, as complex as an Indian wedding is, with all those events to think about, money is never enough and, rightly, couples leave the lighting as the last box to check. Like, “if we have some money left, we’ll see if we can use it for the lighting”. But unfortunately, very often there is no money left from the budget.

What I would like to do, is bring your attention to this aspect: wedding venues in Italy often have “normal” lights, which function is simply to illuminate the room. While a venue can be beautiful with daily light, maybe because of the large panoramic windows on a beautiful garden or amazing sea, it sometimes loses its appeal with electrical lighting. And it can happen that maybe you invested a lot of money in the centerpieces or in the rich menu to impress your guests who came all the way to Italy for your Indian wedding, and then when it comes to the reception, you enter the room and you realize that it’s not as magic as you expected. And maybe all that place needed were 10 uplights for that extra touch that would have made your reception so much better.

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Why is it worth it to invest on lighting?

Lights can really change the atmosphere completely and make everything so much more beautiful and magical. And I say this with all the years of experience I have in planning Indian weddings and events in Italy. Sometimes you need more lights than flowers; and it’s not true that you need to spend a lot of money for the lighting. Take the uplights for example, they are a type of spotlights on the ground facing up, which create a ray of colored light reflecting on the walls. And they’re not as expensive as they may seem. But the final result is really amazing.

I happened to plan receptions in halls that were not so great, because their original function was to be used for congresses or as backup rooms in case of bad weather. In other cases, the halls were beautiful, with elegant architecture and historic frescos, but as soon as the day light was gone and the electrical lights were turn on for the night, all the magical effect disappeared, and a solution needed to be found. And these colorful uplights are ideal in this type of situations. You can even choose the color of the lights to match the main color palette of your Indian wedding.

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You could tell me that you’re planning your reception outdoors, therefore you won’t have this problem. I’m sorry but that’s wrong. Not only because you always have to think about a plan B, since you can’t predict what the weather is going to be like on your wedding day, but especially because even outdoors the natural light at certain point goes away. As beautiful as an outdoor reception at sunset is, when the night comes, just a few candles on the tables won’t solve the problem. Unless you fill up the tables with candles and candelabras, you risk eating in a beautiful hidden garden without even seeing what’s on your plates. And if you just put hanging lights over the tables or posts with spotlights towards the tables, the problem would be easily solved.

Okay, maybe it’s not a hidden garden, but the outdoor space next to the Villa which façade is illuminated, with no extra costs. Well, then you should verify this: how far away are the tables from the building? Will those lightings be enough to illuminate all your tables up to the most distant? I’m afraid not. And it’s even likely that the façade’s lighting is always yellow and plain. Even worse if the court walls where your reception is hosted don’t even have yellow lights but only a few spotlights here and there. You’d risk finding yourself in a gloomy space, not suitable for a wedding reception. Also, think about all the dark photos that your guests will take with their phones – it’s not a nice effect.

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The importance of the lighting at your Indian wedding in Italy

As you can see, lighting is really important at a wedding reception in Italy. And it’s crucial that you verify the lighting conditions in that specific space you’re going to use. If you see some beautiful photos that the Villa shows you, with spectacular lights, ask them if they’re included in the price or if that couple hired an external vendor to put those lights by paying extra money. If possible, go see the Villa during nighttime, to figure out what their basic lighting is like, and how and how much you need to add in order to have the effect you would like to see at your reception.

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