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Indian food or Italian food? Both please!

Food is an important part of every wedding, especially an Indian wedding! And when you decide to have a destination wedding in Italy you need to evaluate what food options you may have. Full Indian? Full Italian? What is the best option? In this blog post I’m sharing some useful advice based on my experience as Indian Weddings Specialist in Italy. Read the full post to find out more about how to make your guests leave an authentic experience.

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How to compare wedding decor’s quotes

The decor is a huge part of an Indian wedding, and choosing the right florist to entrust the decoration of your celebrations in Italy is crucial if you want a stunning outcome keeping your budget in mind. Sometimes couples just collect quotes and compare estimations without going into what is behind those estimations. But it’s never just only about the price. Actually, if you don’t look attentively at some important aspects and just choose the cheapest wedding flowers’ supplier, you risk getting just a bad copy of what you are expecting for your Indian wedding in Italy. Find out more in this post.

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Wedding Planner: a Job or a Hobby?

When it comes to choosing a planner whom to entrust your destination wedding in Italy, it’s often hard to evaluate different proposals and understand if you are choosing the right person or not. Oftentimes couples just look at pictures without investigating about the origins of those pictures, and sometimes they fall into a trap. Unfortunately, for many people planning weddings is just a hobby and they don’t take things seriously as your Indian wedding deserves. Find out more in this post.

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First appointment with a wedding planner in Italy: What to ask?

Having a first call with a potential wedding planner is crucial, especially when you’re getting married abroad. It’s exactly during that first call that you can evaluate whether that person is the right one whom you should entrust your Indian wedding to. The choice of your wedding planner can truly make or break the planning of your Indian destination wedding in Italy. And that’s exactly for this reason that there are questions that are pivotal to ask, to make sure you’ll pick the right person to make your dream wedding come true.

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Wedding package or à la carte planning services?

Oftentimes couples mention packages but when I dwell deeper in details, I get to know that every couple has their own idea of that. However, there is a common element in every request of a wedding package – that of the cost. Because the idea that most of the couples have is that packages help them save money, that they are more affordable. However, it’s important to understand what exactly a wedding package means, how their components usually work and what you need to pay your attention to to make sure that a package truly works better for you.

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The secret of the perfect wedding photos

Wedding photographs are so important because they are the best way to immortalize your destination wedding, the memories of how great your wedding celebrations were and how happy you, your family and friends all were. And what do you think is the key to the perfect outcome of your wedding photos? You may think the answer is quite easy, however it’s likely not what you think! Find out what will definitely guarantee you’ll have stunning photos at your Indian wedding in Italy!

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What is the value of planning an Indian wedding in Italy?

Many Indian couples don’t have an idea of how to estimate the value of the wedding planning in Italy. How much should this service cost? Couple often receive quotes from wedding planners in Italy, Indian and non-Indian, and the difference in the price is really huge. They feel confused and can’t understand the reason of such a contrast. So today I want to dwell more in detail about this topic to show you the aspects you should consider when checking the prices of the wedding planners you enquire with.

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Do you need an awardwinningluxurytoptenbestintheworld supplier?

The wedding industry is full of service providers with “awards” and “titles”… But who gives them those titles? Do you know what happens behind the scenes? Are these people really better than any other service provider? I’m going to tell you how they get these “titles” or “awards” and why they really need them. But mainly, I’m going to explain if they are reliable and if you truly need them.

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How to choose the best wedding locations in Italy?

When you approach a destination wedding in Italy it could be quite difficult to choose the best place where to get married. Often couples make the easiest and safest (in their opinion) decision by selecting locations that other couples chose for their weddings, but is that the right way to do?

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Sweet ideas for your Indian wedding in Italy

Inspiration post about sweet ideas for your Indian destination wedding in Italy. How to better end your food functions during the days of your wedding celebrations than with delicious Italian desserts? From wedding cakes to patisserie, find out how to live a true Italian experience through this country’s most famous and delicious desserts!

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